About Us

what is CREATIONS?

We create (award-winning) music videos, promotional content, and other creative projects that focus on BALANCE and BELONGING.

Sharing the balance of creation through creative mediums.

more than just creative projects

CREATIONS wants to support the balance of creation by promoting causes that share the beauty of our world. With every project released, we promote a local organization that’s doing work to help share this beauty within our communities. We donate 5% of each project’s total cost to a local organization that’s making a real difference. We hope you’ll join us in supporting them, too. 

“Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. We make an impact in the communities we serve by equipping girls with the skills and confidence to access a bright and economically-independent future.”

Die Hard is a project about the transition from captivity to freedom and the empowerment that accompanies it. We believe that bringing empowerment to the young women of our communities brings progress and positivity for all. Girls Inc. of the Pacific NW works to bring freedom to our girls, and in return, to our world.

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“VideoGameClubs.org - After school video game clubs are engaging children at schools across North America. This website details the beginning steps needed to start a successful video game club at your school.”

It’s easy to get stuck playing someone else’s life and to forget to play our own. RESET is all about starting to #playyourlife with intention. CREATIONS wants to encourage kids to take their video game playing to their schools by creating a video game club where they are, so that they can engage with others while doing what they love.

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“Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful is dedicated to creating a more sustainable and beautiful region through waste reduction, education, and active community involvement.”

Hallucinations was filmed in the Truckee forest, next to the Truckee river. Without the commitment of KTMB, this beautiful Northern Nevada region wouldn’t be the same. Filming in the Truckee forest allowed us to juxtapose the two sides of creation: that which we create, and that to which we belong.

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the CREATIONS team

Christopher Reed
"I strive to create work that makes people think. As artists, I believe that we have a huge responsibility with what we are putting in people's minds. All I wish to feed to our viewers and supporters is love, positive energy, and a sense of belonging in whatever way we can."

Kayla Banda
"All life is a balance… symbiotic duals that create perfect unity. I think that’s what art is about: expressing different sides of that unity, and sometimes disunity. That’s what CREATIONS is about: sharing the inherent balance of creation. The most beautiful dual of this creation? Why, it’s that we are the CREATORS and the CREATION."

behind the scenes with CREATIONS